Cornhole Tape Measure 27F 8M

Cornhole Tape Measure

27F 8M Cornhole Measuring Tape

27 Ft Tapemeasure

Cornhole Tape Measure™ PRO

Includes 2 PRO Cornhole Tape Measures™
+8 EZ, DIY Set-up Measurements for
Player Boxes + Foul Lines +
Kids + Adult Distances =
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Cornhole Board Distance



Cornhole Distance Between Cornhole Boards

27feet is the total length of our Official Cornhole Tape Measure™ PRO which matches the Official regulation distance (of cornhole leagues and tournaments) for how far apart cornhole boards are to be set. Yes! Exactly 27 feet. This cornhole tape measurement extends from the front of one board to the facing, exactly-placed other cornhole board. Perfectly measuring all 8 cornhole distances BEFORE PLAYING IS ESSENTIAL.


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How to Read a Tape Measure in Inches (FREE Cheatsheet!)

The humble cornhole tape measure - a deceptively simple tool that holds the power to transform the most ambitious projects into reality. Its gleaming metal casing and retractable ribbon, marked with precise measurements, are the unsung heroes behind countless home renovations, furniture builds, and fashion designs. With a flick of the wrist, this unassuming instrument can reveal the true dimensions of any space, unlocking the door to creative possibilities. Whether you're a professional contractor or a weekend DIY enthusiast, the tape measure is an indispensable companion, a faithful sidekick that brings order to the chaos of construction. Its importance may be easily overlooked, but the tape measure's ability to bridge the gap between vision and execution is truly remarkable.

Complete Your Tool Box With a High-Quality Tape Measure

A tape measure is a quintessential tool that has long been an indispensable companion in the realms of construction, craftsmanship, and everyday measurements. This unassuming yet versatile instrument has the power to transform the abstract into the tangible, allowing individuals to precisely quantify their surroundings and bring their visions to life. Beyond its practical applications, the tape measure can be seen as a symbol of precision, order, and the human desire to understand and control our physical world. Its compact design and ease of use make it a ubiquitous presence in workshops, households, and the pockets of those who seek to measure, mark, and transform their environments. As one contemplates the humble tape measure, they are struck by the elegance of its function and the profound impact it has had on the evolution of human endeavors. This simple tool, with its retractable ribbon of markings, has enabled countless innovations, empowered individuals to realize their creative visions, and served as a tangible representation of our innate ability to measure, quantify, and shape the world around us.

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How to Read a Tape Measure in Inches

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